Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Text to Speech options on iPads ...

The iPad's built-in accessibility options offer great ways to enhance differentiation within the classroom.  Some of the best tools for us are going to be the text to speech options that are available for girls support them in reading on their iPads.  Once turned on, the iPad can read to students in different dialects and at different speeds as well as highlighting words as they are spoken.  Speak Auto-Text will also correct an incorrectly spelled word for students.

Here are a couple of pictures that can be used to show students how to modify their speech settings on their iPad.  The images were taken as screen shots on the iPad, uploaded to the wonderful Skitch app and then annotated from there.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rights and Responsibilities of using iPads in Grade 4 ...

As we began to distribute brand new iPads to 78 Grade 4 girls (I'm sure you can just imagine the excitement level!), we discovered the need to begin a series of lessons relating to various aspects of digital citizenship.  We began with thinking about the rights and responsibilities associated with using iPads.  We discussed how we might use our iPads and what our rights and responsibilities were with these exciting new devices.  Here is a list of 4C's iPad Rights and Responsibilities:

4C iPad Rights and Responsibilities

A right is something you are entitled to.  With our iPads, we have the right to:
  • ·      Have fun.
  • ·      Use the camera.
  • ·      Take them home.
  • ·      Use apps.
  • ·      Do projects.
  • ·      Play.
  • ·      Research things.
  • ·      Use them at school and at home.
  • ·      Explore new things.
  • ·      Learn.
  • ·      Have an email account and send emails.
  • ·      Use the internet.
  • ·      Use them for homework.
  • ·      Choose our own background.

A responsibility is something you have to do.  With every right comes a responsibility.  Our responsibilities with our iPads are:
  • ·      To use our iPads only when we have permission.
  • ·      To use our iPads at appropriate times.
  • ·      To remember to bring them to school each day.
  • ·      To put food and drink away before using our iPads.
  • ·      To send respectful emails.
  • ·      To use appropriate websites.
  • ·      To care for our iPads.

What will happen if we don’t behave responsibly with our iPads?
  • ·      A classmate will remind you of your responsibilities.
  • ·      Miss D will remind you of your responsibilities.
  • ·      You will receive 3 warnings by Miss D.
  • ·      A consequence will be decided upon from this list:

o   Your iPad will be confiscated.
o   You can only use your iPad at school (you can’t take it home).
o   You have to be supervised while using your iPad.
o   You have to pay for it (if it is broken).
o   You are not allowed to use email.

What should you do if you see someone not behaving responsibly with their iPad?
  1. Remind that person about their responsibilities.
  2. Tell Miss D (in person, forward an inappropriate email, take a screen shot of an inappropriate use and email it to Miss D).
It is expected that we will need to revisit and rework these rights and responsibilities as the iPads become more of an integral part of school life at CGS.

Monday, 22 October 2012

How to enrol your iPad in Profile Manager

The following are the steps required to enrol your iPad with the CGS Profile Manager.

  1. Please open the Safari app on your iPad and type the following URL in the address bar.  https://push.calgarygirlsschool.com/mydevices

  2.  Log in using your CGS username and password.  Please use the format firstname.lastname 

  3.  When 'Profiles' is highlighted, press the 'install' button.

  4.  Press the 'Install' button

  5.  Press the 'Done' button

  6.  Press the 'Devices button

  7.  Press the 'Enroll' button

  8.  Press the 'Install' button

  9.  Press the 'Install Now' button

10.  Press the 'Logout' button

You have now successfully enrolled your iPad with the CGS Profile Manager server.

The First Post....you have to start somewhere

First posts are always awkward.  I'm delighted to start this blog as a way to chronicle the Grade 4 iPad Pilot project here at Calgary Girls' School.  I'm also very excited to share the content creation of this blog with 3 amazing, innovative colleagues.  Lindsay, Kim, and Anna, I look forward to our continued collaboration and shared experiences in innovation.

As we try the Blogger platform, that too will be an experiment.  First off, a tutorial to lead the students through the process of enrolling iPads onto Profile Manager, running on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Server.